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APDI organizes a session with candidate/s to review program guidelines; terms & conditions; policies; learning outcomes and objectives; others, to avoid any unknown issues or misunderstandings; it aims also to know better personal and essential needs to improve & optimize beneficiary’s participation in the program.

MONITORING Throughout the development of the project, each student is assisted by two tutors, the tutor of APDI and the tutor within the company of his/her work placement. The tutor of APDI will follow the participant for the entire period, both inside and outside of the company, by verifying continually the correct pursuit of the project.  The tutor of the company will closely follow the participant during his/her training within the company and remains in constant contact with the tutor of the association. In this way we can assure a constant monitoring of everything in the project implementation.

APDI organizes regular meetings and individual interviews with participants in order to monitor properly the progress of the program and resolving in this way any problem that may arise.

The meetings will be the as follows:

  • An Opening Meeting for introductions.
  • Follow-up meetings and individual interviews are held almost every day during the first part of the program – the language course.
  • During the training period collective meetings are organized regularly.
  • Individual interviews with participants to solve problems are set according to the needs of the participants.
  • The final evaluation meeting takes place at the end of the participants’ stay in Granada.
  • The achievement of the project objectives, in addition to the participants’ professional and cultural backgrounds, are discussed and evaluated. Participants are also given instructions for departure. Europe For All has frequent contact with the heads of all institutions, where there are participants.
  • These procedures represent a great value for the proper monitoring of beneficiaries and the project development.
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