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APDI (Agrupación de Profesionales para el Desarrollo Internacional APDI) is a Group of Entities cooperating at an international level all with a recognized level of prestige in their respective fields; expertise, training and consulting projects respectively. All have the ambition to effectively intervene and improve at a personal, professional and social level, their staff and respective territories of operation, together with dynamic synergies created a level of leadership that promoted a better future for the community as a whole.

Guided by the principles of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), APDI has a presence on four continents and specializes in managing and implementing international projects with Multilateral Funds, especially with European Union Funds.

  • Spain: We are present in Andalusia, Galicia, Melilla, Madrid and Catalonia. We are strongly integrated with the reality and needs of the different regions of the country.
  • Europe: We have a network of partners and projects both inside and outside the European Union. From Italy to the United Kingdom, from Portugal to Lithuania and from Turkey to Finland.
  • World: We have headquarters in Central America with partners and projects in South America, North Africa, Southeast Asia and West Africa.

Our training-centres are based in Spain (Granada, Madrid) and in Honduras (Tegucigalpa) with extensive experience in training for first job placement, as well as a dynamic emphasis on the retraining of active workers in order to achieve new qualifications, and to any interested person who strives to improve his/her skills, seeking specialization which helps to achieve working objectives.

We have managed other Erasmus+ Projects from design to evaluation; arranging the internship placements, language courses, accommodation and cultural visits for both students and staff.  We have a long track experience in different European Mobility Projects, Erasmus+ Programmes, Key Action 1 (KA1) and Key Action 2 (KA2) groups. Thanks to our experience and training centres we can offer European Certifications, Workshops, Professional Visits, Training Courses and Educational Visits.

APDI has experience in the creation, implementation and management of training programs such as the Master’s Degree in Pedagogical Skills and Educational Innovation that it currently operates in Central America in collaboration with UNIR and the Secretariat of Education of Honduras.  APDI designed the Master´s in Pedagogical Skills and Educational Innovation as a support and development measure for Central American countries and more specifically Honduras. Today it is proud to have trained more than 60,000 teachers from Central America, by supporting the GBAE sector APDI supports the future development of a country. In order to improve education sector the Master´s qualification is aimed at teachers in any particular speciality who are developing or wish to develop their professional career as teachers, and want to deepen their pedagogical, didactic and methodological foundations in order to carry out their work with criteria of quality, efficiency, involvement and professionalism. To train teachers who are committed to a variety of personalized education and tutorial based support, who are innovative in the use of different methodologies and are capable of making a reflective and personal analysis about the educational process and all the elements that compose it. This is contextualized in their social, cultural and temporal environment that they can project into their teaching activity and revert positively to their students and to the educational system in general.

APDI also has several workshops that intend to facilitate the societal integration by developing intercultural meetings to promote real coexistence, strengthen a sense of belonging, as well as to revitalize the respective social environment. APDI also has experience in programs focused on employability for individuals with disabilities, women facing difficulties at labour market entry, immigrants, the unemployed as well as topics of active citizenship and intercultural dialogues.

We also have a strong presence in both of the Andalusia and Madrid regions holding cooperation agreements with the local Universities, stakeholders and NGOs. The company is composed of a large number of professionals, technicians and experts working with the sole aim of designing and producing quality educational activities. A large number of standard courses, qualifications and potential trainings are offered but APDI also provides customised training plans to both public and private institutions and organisations. The technical team is fully cognizant of using ICT for their training programs to really fill the customers’ needs.

APDI has created several ad hoc software programmes targeted to different public administrations, primarily focused on the control, optimization and management of all training stages. These programs are comprehensive and integrated applications; they are meant to equip the instructors and training professional with the required skills to managetraining plans. APDI commitment with on-line training methods has proven outstanding results. It currently offers multimedia consultancy services aimed at developing the courses content, along with the custumers’ needs. APDI ensures the quality of the design, development, adaptation, implementation and follow-up of the processes needed to undertake online training projects (e-learning). These contents are developed under the premise of “learning by doing” on the basis of a practical methodology. They are performed through demonstrations, interactive activities and navigation monitoring. Finally, training materials are structured in different autonomous and reusable learning units.

 Thanks to the continuous work of collaboration and support with entities specialised in training; we have developed design, planning and organisation of training plans and educational workshops. 

Furthermore, APDI has experience in implementing the Erasmus+ Project in the following areas:

  • Project management services (project preparation, budgets, collecting qualitative and quantitative information and drafting reports)
  • Reliable project administration: evaluation, certification and final reporting
  • Work placement related services (finding suitable companies, monitoring the stages, and providing support)
  • Personal tutoring, regular monitoring with an emergency phone number
  • Training services (Language courses, workshops, study visits…)
  • Accommodation services (City Center Accommodation)
  • Airport transfer and local transport
  • Cultural Program and Social activities

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